At Capel Street Pharmacy, we understand the needs of our Care Home partners.

We offer a professional Pharmacist led service that is personalised to meet the needs of each Care Home.

Care Home partners will benefit from having a close working relationship with a local Pharmacist and Pharmacy support team.

We service each Care Home from a local Pharmacy so that we are close enough to be available to regularly visit each Care Home.

We can provide your Care Home with a safe, efficient, and complete Pharmacy service:

  • Daily Delivery Service with emergency out of hours backup service
  • Medication packed in a range of Monitored Dosage System (MDS) formats
  • Medication Profile Documentation with Patient Photos and full Tablet Images
  • Regular 3 monthly Medication reviews with Care Home Team and GP
  • Training for Care Home Staff on medication
  • Provision of equipment necessary for the safe storage and dispensing of medication in the Care Home
  • Software links between Pharmacy and Care Home Software Systems

Talk to us today to see how we can benefit you.