What is EasyMed?

EasyMed is a weekly dosage system designed with you in mind.

Your medicines are dispensed in convenient 7 day packs, in separate compartments, according to the time of day you need to take them. Each time of the day is clearly marked on the tablet organiser pack – breakfast, lunch, dinner and bed, to ensure the right medication is taken at the right time.

… and if your prescription is left in our pharmacy we will have the medication ready and waiting for you in EasyMed trays when you need them.

So let us save you time and worry by arranging your medication in these easy to use packs.

Who is it suitable for?

EasyMed is simple to use and can be used by anyone but it is especially useful if you:

Take more than 3 tablets per day

Worry about taking the right medication at the right time

Ever forget if you’ve taken your medication

Care for someone who takes several medicines

The service also provides a PillWizard for those that require it. This is a small cup that fits snugly onto each compartment allowing your medication to be safely tipped into the PillWizard ready for taking.